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Licensee Search

Currently, over 20,000 businesses are licensed to sell and distribute alcohol in the Commonwealth. Annually, Virginia ABC grants over 28,000 banquet and special event licenses.

If you have any questions about a particular license, please contact ABC's License Records Management Division at (804) 213-4577 or email lrmhlp@virginiaabc.com.

Licensee Download

In addition to searching for licensees online, you may also download a file (Excel), containing information about ABC retail licenses. This file can be opened in Excel_97 or higher, or imported into a database such as Access. Please follow your screen prompts or click on help. The file contains the following data.



Sample Data
1. License#
Text (99999)
2. City_County
Text (Fairfax County)
3. Establishment
Text (Restaurant)
4. Wine_BeerPrivilege
Text (Wine & Beer On Premises)
5. Wine_BeerStatus
Text (Active)
6. Wine_BeerEffectiveDate
Text (11/01/1999)
7. Wine_BeerExpirationDate
Text (12/31/2000)
8. MixedBeveragePrivilege
Text (Mixed Beverage Restaurant (seating cap 1-100 seats)
9. MixedBeverageStatus
Text (Active
10. MixedBeverageEffectiveDate
Text (11/01/1999)
11. MixedBeverageExpirationDate
Text (12/31/2000)
12. Trade Name
Text (ABC)
13. License (Co.) Name
Text (ABC)
14. Street Address
Text (999 ABC Street W)
15. City
Text (Annandale)
16. ST
Text (VA)
17. Zip Code
Text (22003-3146)
18. OriginationDate
Text (11/01/1953)
“Effective Date” applies to the status of licensees. If the status is “Voluntary Surrendered,” the date will reflect when the license was surrendered.