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Combined Restaurant/Caterer, Mixed Beverage 

A "mixed beverage" means a spirits drink composed in whole or in part of alcoholic beverages containing more than 14 percent alcohol by volume.

A combined mixed beverage restaurant/caterer license may be granted to any restaurant or hotel that meets the qualifications for both a mixed beverage restaurant and a mixed beverage caterer for the same business location.

The license authorizes the licensee to operate in both capacities at the same business premises designated in the license with a common alcoholic beverage inventory for purposes of the restaurant and catering operations. The licensee must meet the separate food qualifications established for the mixed beverage restaurant license, pursuant to COV 4.1-210.A (1), and mixed beverage caterer license, pursuant to COV 4.1-210.A (2); separate Mixed Beverage Annual Review (MBAR) reports for the restaurant and caterer must be prepared yearly as required.  For this combination license, online submission of the MBAR reports is not allowed.

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  • Combined Restaurant/Caterer, Mixed Beverage