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Out-of-State Delivery Permit

The following are eligible to apply for an out-of-state delivery permit:

  • Any brewery, winery or farm winery, authorized to engage in the retail sale of wine or beer for off-premises consumption.
  • any person who is authorized to sell wine or beer at retail for off-premises consumption in their state of domicile who is not a brewery, winery or farm winery.

 Please note: The out-of-state delivery permit is distinct from shipper's and importer's licenses.

To Apply

Qualified applicants interested in obtaining a delivery permit should complete the Virginia ABC License application (PDF). The cost for an out-of-state delivery permit is $120 per year.


Holders of a delivery permit are required to file a monthly report on forms prescribed Virginia ABC.

  • The Monthly Reporting letter (PDF) outlines the reporting process.
  • The Delivery Permittee report (PDF) provides a monthly tax report forms for your use. This form requires legal-sized paper (8.5 x 14 inches) for printing.

Please contact your ABC special agent or the Tax Management office for further assistance.

  • Out-of-State Delivery Permit