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In-State Delivery Permit

Executive Order 51 Update Effective July 1, 2021

Starting July 1, 2021, there will be changes to procedural and regulatory matters for ABC licensed businesses. Please visit our COVID-19 Licensee Resources page for details.

An in-state delivery permit may be issued at no additional cost to licensees currently holding the following types of licenses.

Beer Off-Premises
Farm Winery—Class A
Beer Off-Premises and Keg Permit
Farm Winery—Class B
Beer On-Premises and Off-Premises
Retail Off-Premises Winery
Beer On-Premises and Off-Premises and Keg Permit
Wine and Beer Off-Premises
Brewery Retail Off-Premises
Wine and Beer Off-Premises and Keg Permit
Brewery Retail Off-Premises and Keg Permit
Wine and Beer On-Premises and Off-Premises
Wine and Beer On-Premises and Off-Premises and Keg Permit

For breweries, wineries or farm wineries, the permit authorizes the delivery of the brands of beer, wine and farm wine produced by the same brewery, winery or farm winery in closed containers to consumers within the Commonwealth for personal consumption.

Deliveries must be performed by the owner or any agent, officer, director, shareholder or employee of the delivery permittee and are limited to no more than four cases at any one time; however, the permittee may deliver more than four cases if ABC’s Tax Management office is notified in writing at least one business day before the delivery.

To Apply

Current qualified licensees interested in obtaining a delivery permit should complete the in-state delivery permit application. Complete an application for each license to which you would like the permit privilege added.

Additional instructions are included in the application. Make sure to read over page 2 of the application, “In-State Delivery Permit General Information & Requirements,” to understand the responsibilities and requirements of the delivery permit privilege. Only an owner of the business; a partner, if the business is a partnership; a member of a limited liability company; or an officer of a corporation, if the business is a corporation, is authorized to sign the delivery permit application.

Once processed and approved, an updated copy of the license will be sent to the licensee containing the delivery permit privilege.


Holders of a delivery permit are required to file a monthly report on forms prescribed Virginia ABC.

  • The Monthly Reporting letter (PDF) outlines the reporting process.
  • The Delivery Permittee report (PDF) provides a monthly tax report forms for your use. This form requires legal-sized paper (8.5 x 14 inches) for printing.

Please contact your ABC special agent or the Tax Management office for further assistance.

  • In-State Delivery Permit