Distillery License

A distillery license relates to distilled spirits and their manufacture, wholesale and delivery, both to Virginia ABC for sale within the Commonwealth and to persons outside the Commonwealth for resale outside the Commonwealth. View application guidelines. There is a nonrefundable $195 application fee.


COST (per gallons annually)
≤ 5,000 gallons: $450
5,001–36,000 gallons: $2,500
≥ 36,001 gallons: $3,725

Additional Information

In order to legally distill spirits in the Commonwealth of Virginia, prospective distillers must obtain a Beverage Distilled Spirits Plant permit from the Alcohol and Tobacco and Trade Bureau (TTB) and a distillery license from Virginia ABC. The production of spirits cannot begin until both documents have been issued.

A Virginia ABC distillery license allows for the manufacture of distilled spirits and the sale of the manufactured spirits to Virginia ABC, the government or any entity outside the Commonwealth of Virginia legally authorized to receive the product.

Virginia ABC is the wholesale distributor and sole retailer for all distilled spirits sold in Virginia.

A distillery licensee may be appointed as an independently operated agent of Virginia ABC for the purpose of selling distilled spirits manufactured by or for, or blended by such licensee on the licensed premises at ABC stores established on the distiller’s premises. To be appointed as such an agent of Virginia ABC for the purpose of selling distilled spirits on the distiller’s premises the distillery licensee must first enter into a written agreement with the agency.

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Need Help?

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Out-of-State Delivery

Apply for out-of-state delivery and out-of-bond permits using the Virginia ABC License Application (PDF).

Opening a Distillery Store

Find out more about opening a distillery store on the premises of your distillery in order to directly sell your product(s) to the general public.