Application Guidelines

Do I Need a Banquet License?

Banquet licenses are offered for a variety of situations in which alcoholic beverages may be served on a temporary basis, generally for nonprofit purposes.

If ALL of the following criteria are met for the event, then no license is needed (unless required by locality or facility).

  • The event is private (i.e., not open to the public and not in a public place).
  • Money is not exchanged for alcohol or otherwise.
  • The event is not held on a club or non-licensed restaurant premises.
  • Alcohol purchased for the event is NOT from a wholesaler/distributor.

In all other cases, a license is needed and is bound by the information presented below. Contact your regional ABC office with any questions.

To Apply

Apply for all banquet licenses using eBanquet. You may use your credit card. Banquet applications may be completed online if submitted at least 12 days prior to the event date.

You may also apply via mail or in person using the Application for Banquet License form (PDF), within 10 days of the event. The completed form must be submitted with payment to the appropriate Virginia ABC regional office. Please note: Regional offices do not accept credit cards. Applicants are encouraged to contact their regional office for additional qualification guidelines before submitting their application.