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Importing Personal Alcohol into Virginia

If you would like to bring alcoholic beverages into Virginia with your personal or household goods, you may need to complete a special permit (COV 4.1-310), depending on the circumstances, as described below.

Moving from Abroad

If you’ll be shipping alcoholic beverages with your household goods, you’ll need to complete this online form. Be sure to include your email address in the comments section of the form and Virginia ABC will email you the authorization required by U.S. customs to pick up your household goods. This authorization is required for members of our armed forces and civilians returning to the United States. There is no fee for this service. For more information contact our Tax Management Section at taxexaminer@abc.virginia.gov or call (804) 219-2039.

Moving from Another U.S. State

You’ll need authorization to bring in more than one gallon of alcoholic beverages, which include wine, beer and distilled spirits. For more information contact our Tax Management Section at taxexaminer@abc.virginia.gov or call (804) 219-2039.

Returning from Vacation Outside of Virginia

The Code of Virginia prohibits the transportation or importation of more than one gallon of alcohol into the Commonwealth per individual per occasion. You do not need any paperwork to bring back one gallon or less.

Other Permits

Don't see what you're looking for? Virginia ABC offers permits for other purposes. View our permits page.

Licensee Guidance

Visit the Retail Resources and Industry Resources sections for wine and beer and for distilled spirits for additional information about proper implementation of ABC laws and regulations. Topics range from happy hour advertising to food-beverage ratio requirements.

ABC Crimeline

To report an ABC law violation or object to an ABC license: Call (800) 552-3200 or submit the Violation Complaint Form.