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Alcohol and Aging Awareness Group (AAAG)

AAAG addresses alcohol and medication misuse among older adults

Founded in 2007 by Virginia ABC to address the hidden epidemic of alcohol and medication misuse among older adults, the Alcohol and Aging Awareness Group (AAAG) is an affiliate group of organizations that provide training, speakers and resources to older adults, caregivers and service providers.

The AAAG encourages all Virginians to be aware of these facts:

  • An older adult will show higher blood alcohol levels than a younger adult after consuming the same amount of alcohol because of physical changes that occur with aging.
  • Common over-the-counter and prescription medicines can have serious adverse effects when mixed with alcohol. Older adults are encouraged to keep a medication list and discuss prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, supplements and alcohol use with their doctor or pharmacist.
  • Adults over age 65 who are healthy and do not take medications should not have more than: three drinks on a given day (less for women) or seven drinks in a week (NIAAA). Older adults that take certain medications may need to drink less or not at all.
  • Some of the signs and symptoms of alcohol misuse in older adults mirror the signs of aging and depression. These include, but are not limited to: frequent and unexplained injuries, neglect of personal hygiene, mood swings, change in sleep patterns and eating habits, confusion or forgetfulness and isolation from family and friends.
  • If you know an older adult who may need help with alcohol misuse, encourage them to seek help through a primary care physician, an alcohol treatment center, their clergy, counselor or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).


Mental Health and Aging Training Initiative
MHATI offers free webinars about a variety of mental health and aging-related topics.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
As the largest funder of alcohol research in the world, NIAAA supports research on the impact of alcohol use.

Virginia Center on Aging at VCU
VCoA helps protect the quality of life for older Virginians so they may remain autonomous, contribute to their communities and access resources for continued learning.

Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services
DARS' Virginia Division for the Aging works with 25 local Area Agencies on Aging as well as other organizations to help older Virginians, their families and loved ones find services and information.

Virginia Grand Driver
Grand Driver provides information about the effects of aging on safe driving, safety tips, warning signs and resources.

AAAG Alcohol and Aging Awareness Group

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