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07/29/2014: Important login information

Login credentials created before 03/26/2014 are no longer active. You must create a new account to apply for a banquet license. Once you log in, you must create a profile, which will provide access to your previous and/or pending banquet licenses.

Welcome to eBanquet - Virginia ABC

Do I need a license?

If ALL of the following criteria are met for the event, then no license is needed (unless required by locality or facility).

  • The event is private (i.e., not open to the public and not in a public place)
  • Money is not exchanged for alcohol or otherwise
  • The event is not held on a club or non-licensed restaurant premises
  • Alcohol purchased for the event is NOT from a wholesaler/distributor

In all other cases, a license is needed and is bound by the information presented below. Contact your local ABC office with any questions.

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Each applicant must obtain his/her own individual User ID and password to Login even if event is in a group name.

To apply online today your event date must be on or after: 07/13/2015.

To allow sufficient processing time, events scheduled to occur before 07/13/2015 cannot be handled online. Contact us for assistance.