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Powhatan ABC Store Expands

August 10, 2017

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Powhatan ABC Store Expands

The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) store at 1800 South Creek One in Powhatan’s South Creek Plaza Shopping Center will be closed through late September for an expansion and remodeling project that will double the retail space.

The store is expanding into vacated retail space next door, a project which will also enable a complete refresh of the store’s interior with new lighting, paint, counters and flooring. This expanded area will provide much needed space for customers to shop for spirits and opens the opportunity for the store to host more tastings and special events.

“The expansion project will create an increasingly inviting atmosphere to make the shopping experience more enjoyable for both long-time customers and patrons who haven’t previously explored our selection of products,” said Director of Retail Operations Wilson Jones.

The structural enhancements will not impact the product selection immediately. With nearly 800 items to choose from, customers will be able to find the distilled spirits, mixers and Virginia wines they currently enjoy. In the coming months as customers request particular items, staff will have the ability to expand the type and number of distilled spirits carried in-store.

Customers have been purchasing distilled spirits at this store, one of two in Powhatan, since 2004. In fiscal year 2016, the store sold more than 19,590 gallons of product generating just over $1.3 million in gross sales.

During the extended closure, customers can shop nearby for distilled spirits at ABC stores located at 14229 Midlothian Turnpike and Powhatan Plaza Shopping Center, 2105 Academy Road.

A searchable list of Virginia ABC’s 367 stores—including brands and quantities of spirits available at each location—can be found on the agency’s newly updated website (www.abc.virginia.gov).

“Powhatan residents will be excited about the expanded and modernized store,” Jones added. “The project underscores our commitment to providing excellent customer service.”


The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is a major source of revenue for the commonwealth, contributing more than $1.9 billion to the general fund in the last five years. The agency currently operates 367 state stores. Its Bureau of Law Enforcement oversees more than 17,000 ABC licensed establishments while the Hearings and Appeals Division considers more than 700 cases each year. The agency also provides alcohol education and prevention programs for people of all ages. Now marking its 83rd year, ABC remains committed to progress and innovation in carrying out its control, service and revenue mission.

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