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Nearly Fifty-Year-Old Williamsburg Area ABC Store Getting a Facelift

February 10, 2016

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Nearly Fifty-Year-Old Williamsburg Area ABC Store Getting a Facelift

While it doesn’t date back to Colonial times, Williamsburg is home to a 46-year-old Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) store, which is now being remodeled. The retail outlet, located at 801-F Merrimac Trail, will be closed until Feb. 23 as Virginia ABC works to upgrade the interior.

The complete modernization includes new flooring, paint, ceiling tiles, lighting and counters. At 4,055 square feet, the size of the store will not change, but the layout will be updated to improve traffic flow. An area in the back of the store will also be reorganized to create a more efficient space for conducting business with the more than 25 mixed beverage licensees (restaurants) served by this location.

“The refreshed store will create a more inviting atmosphere for patrons and enrich each customer's experience,” said Virginia ABC Director of Retail Operations Wilson Jones. “I think visitors will be pleasantly surprised with the changes, and will be excited for a new shopping environment in the same area.”

The renovation will not affect the location’s extensive and diverse product selection, however the shelving will be rearranged to allow for an increase in inventory for the store’s most popular distilled spirits, mixers and Virginia wines. When the retail outlet reopens later this month, its operating hours will be 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 1 to 6 p.m. Sunday.

In fiscal year 2015, the York County store sold nearly 32,000 gallons of product generating more than $2.3 million in gross sales.

“By starting the year with enhancements, we expect this Williamsburg store to flourish in 2016,” Jones added.

While the James York Plaza Shopping Center location is closed, customers can shop at nearby Virginia ABC stores located at 6610-I Mooretown Road., 4640-3 Monticello Ave. or 1480-3C Quarterpath Road. One of only four Virginia ABC premier stores—with an individualized look and even more enhancements than traditional Virginia ABC stores, including a reproduction vintage moonshine still display—is also nearby at 1244 Richmond Road.

For customer convenience, a searchable list of Virginia ABC’s 356 stores—including brands and quantities of spirits available at each location—can be found on the agency’s updated website (www.abc.virginia.gov). Customers may also order select spirits online for delivery to the store of their choice.


The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is a major source of revenue for the commonwealth, contributing more than $1.8 billion to the general fund in the last five years. The agency currently operates 356 state stores. Its Bureau of Law Enforcement oversees more than 16,000 ABC licensed establishments while the Hearings and Appeals Division considers more than 700 cases each year. The agency also provides alcohol education and prevention programs for people of all ages. ABC is committed to progress and innovation in carrying out its control, service and revenue mission.
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  • Nearly Fifty-Year-Old Williamsburg Area ABC Store Getting a Facelift