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ABC COO Receives Productivity Award from Wine Association

November 01, 2013

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ABC COO Receives Productivity Award from Wine Association

  • ABC COO Curtis Coleburn is 30th award recipient
  • Coleburn selected for service to the Virginia wine industry

The Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association recently presented Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Chief Operating Officer and Board Secretary W. Curtis Coleburn with its Wine Grape Productivity Award for his service as a communications link between ABC and Virginia’s wine industry, offering “valuable advice and counsel.”

In presenting this year’s award, association president Carl G. Brandhorst praised Coleburn’s willingness to advise members of Virginia’s wine industry. “Curtis Coleburn has participated in the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition for the past seven years,” said Brandhorst. “He believes that good administrators need to know and understand their clients, which they are officially responsible to serve.”  Coleburn said, “If you ask vintners about the greatest hurdles they have to cross to be successful, they would probably cite the weather first, and the federal and state regulatory system second. Our philosophy at ABC has always been to try to accommodate our licensees’ needs. Instead of saying “no,” we try our best to find a way to say “yes.”

It is the second time in the award’s 30-year history that it has been given to someone from ABC.  In 1995, ABC’s then-Commissioner Frederick T. Dykes received the award.

Since 1984, the Wine Grape Productivity Award has been presented to an individual or organization that has made major contributions to the sustainable growth and economic viability of the American wine industry, including professional consulting, innovation, technical research and knowledge, as well as leadership and active support.

As the latest recipient, Coleburn’s name and title join the list of those of past recipients engraved on the back of a silver-plated tray, which was produced by the Sheffield Company in the design of a classic champagne serving tray with a full border of bas-relief grape and vine patterns. The logo of the Vinifera Wine Growers Association, precursor to the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association, now incorporated into the ASWA’s logo, is engraved in the center of the tray.

The tray has been displayed across the United States and now can be seen in the reception area adjacent to the board conference room at ABC’s Central Office.

  • ABC COO Receives Productivity Award from Wine Association