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Virginia ABC Logos

Virginia ABC’s logo is provided for download and use with the understanding that the party requesting the logo complies with the usage rules and placement guidelines.

Usage Rules

Without explicit authorization, the Virginia ABC logo may not be used in connection with commercial marketing materials, nor may it be used to endorse a product or service.

Always reproduce a logo that has been supplied to you by Virginia ABC.

Do not reshape, distort or outline/border the logo. The logo should always be used as it is provided and not modified in any way.

The approved colors for the logo are as provided or white on a dark background.

Allow sufficient free space around the logo (see below).

The Virginia ABC logo should be easy to distinguish from the background upon which it is placed, always make sure the background is light enough to provide a strong visual contrast.

The text version should always be used when the agency's name appears next to the logo.

Clear Zone

The area surrounding the Virginia ABC should always be free of other graphic elements. Approximately, this “clear zone” should extend one-half logo height around the logo on all sides. Maintaining a clear zone draws attention to the logo and prevents competition from other graphic elements.

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