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When to Contact Your ABC Agent

Contacting Your ABC Special Agent

Find the name of your ABC special agent. Visit the regional and satellite offices page for contact information and territories.

Keep his or her business card handy.

Keep your agent up-to-date of any issues that may impact your ability to comply with Virginia's alcohol-related laws and regulations such as expansion to your building, special promotions and advertising, and hours of operation.

Use him or her as a resource and ask them proactive questions to clarify any misinformation or misinterpretation about Virginia's alcohol-related laws and regulations.

Learn to know your agent before an inspection or an underage buying operation.

Your agent can refer you to formal training programs such as RSVP. They can also make informal presentations and answer questions on interpreting Virginia's laws, spotting fake IDs, preventing intoxication and other related subjects.

Notify your agent if you had to call law enforcement for any reason (fight in your business, caught someone using a fake ID, etc.) An agent would rather hear about the incident from the licensee rather than other law enforcement.

Notify your agent if you believe that your business may have sold to someone using a fake ID. Licensees are immune from ABC penalties if they notify Enforcement if they suspect an underage person has used or attempted to use a false ID in their establishment.


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