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Shipping/Transporting Information

Importing Personal Alcohol into Virginia

Are you planning to move and ship alcoholic beverages with your household goods to Virginia? The application form you need is available on this Web page.

You may view Section 4.1-310 of the Code of Virginia for importing alcohol at the Virginia General Assembly Legislative Information System website.

Permit to Import Alcoholic Beverages in Personal or Household Effects of Person Moving Residence to Virginia

Fill out the form Online   OR    Download the Form (PDF size 12 KB - Help with Downloads)

If you have any questions, please contact the Virginia Department of ABC at (804) 219-2034.

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Transporting and Importing Alcoholic Beverages

Transporting Alcoholic Beverages

Section 4.1-311 of the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Act prohibits the transportation of more than three gallons of distilled spirits purchased from a state government store, provided, however, that not more than one gallon thereof shall be in containers containing less than one fifth of a gallon. If any part of alcoholic beverages being transported is contained in metric size packages the three gallon limitation shall be construed to be twelve liters, and not more than four liters thereof shall be in packages smaller than three-fourths of a liter.

The transportation of distilled spirits in excess of the legal limits without a transportation permit is a misdemeanor. Persons convicted of violating the transportation act may be fined up to $2,500 and or confinement in jail up to twelve months and the loss of the vehicle used. The sales receipt will serve as the transportation permit and must accompany the alcoholic beverages to the final destination. The transportation of distilled spirits in excess of the legal limits is a privilege and not a right.

Importing Alcoholic Beverages

No more than one gallon of alcoholic beverages (or the metric equivalent) may be brought into Virginia from outside the Commonwealth, excepting shipments to the commission or its licensees, or new residents under special permits.

Anyone who transports more than such quantity of alcoholic beverages per adult in possession of the bonafide owner may be arrested, fined up to $2,500, and sentenced to a year in jail. In addition, the vehicle involved may be impounded and confiscated.

Alcoholic beverages includes wine, beer, or distilled spirits. This restriction applies not only to those alcoholic beverages brought into Virginia from other states or the District of Columbia, but also from defense installations.

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Direct Shipment of Wine and Beer to Your Home

Effective July 1, 2003 Virginia law allows persons holding a shipper's license to ship wine or beer directly to a consumer's home.

Any Winery, Brewery or Retailer in or out of state who holds this Virginia license may sell and ship to you up to two cases of wine or two cases of beer per month for your personal consumption and not for resale.

You must be somebody who may lawfully purchase alcoholic beverages.

How do I find a list of persons licensed to ship wine and beer directly to me?

Click on the Licensee Search Form link below. When the page opens click on the "Accept" button. A Licensee Search Form will appear. Click on the drop down arrow under the Establishment Type category. Select either Shipper In-State or Shipper Out-of-State and click on "Find." A list of all currently licensed persons will appear. Click on their license number to obtain the mailing address or do a Web search of their trade name to find their Web page.

Licensee Search Form


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