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Underage Buyer Program

The Underage Buyer Program is an ongoing effort by ABC to visit alcohol and tobacco retailers throughout Virginia to verify that licensees are complying with the state age requirements, 18 for tobacco sales and 21 for alcohol. Special agents, who are sworn police officers from ABC's Bureau of Law Enforcement, accompany the underage operatives during the attempts to purchase alcohol. (LIST OF REGIONAL OFFICES)

Underage Buyer Program

The underage operatives are instructed not to alter their appearance or mannerisms or mislead clerks in any way while attempting to make a purchase. The underage operatives carry their own valid identification. If the clerk, cashier, bartender or waiter asks for the identification, the underage operative presents his or her own identification.

Agents want to watch licensees do the RIGHT thing. ABC hopes that 100 percent of the businesses tested will comply by not selling to the underage buyer.

ABC is continually recruiting for new underage operatives for the alcohol (17-19) and tobacco (15-17) program. See the brochure for more information.

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